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  • A Superhero With Schizophrenia

    The human brain is the most complex organ in the body. It is the ‘computer’ that controls all important processes in the body. The brain doesn’t really get to take breaks. It can’t shut down or fall asleep. It’s always working to some extent. It houses an insane amount of vital connections. Therefore, if even […]

  • Extraterrestrial Life Is Here To Stay

    Signs of alien or, as some people prefer to call it, extra-terrestrial life are scarce but they’re there. It’s to this day one of the best kept secrets of the US government. We’ve all heard of Area 51 and we have a kind of vague idea what kind of experiments take place in the high […]

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  • In The Name Of Love

    The Lapland War was a war fought between Finland and Germany from September 1944 to April 1945 in Finland’s Lapland Province. Germany and Finland had both been at war with the Soviet Union since June 1941. The German Command however, began having doubts in the summer of 1943 that Finland might make a separate peace […]

  • The Man Whose Strength Knows No Bounds

    Luke Cage first appeared in the June 1972 issue called ‘Luke Cage, Hero for Hire’ published by the American comic company Marvel comics. This made him the first black superhero to be featured as the title character of a comic book. The character was created by Archie Goodwin and John Romita and his adventures were […]

  • Neil Patrick Harris Is Back

    Neil Patrick Harris shot to fame thanks to his portrayal of Barney Stinson in the hit show ‘How I Met Your Mother’. The character of Barney portrays the typical player, a person who is skilled at seducing women. A very well-dressed gentleman with plenty of financial resources and good looks, he prides himself with his […]

  • The Strongest Sailor Of Them All

    Living healthy is a very important part of life. It’s well known that no amount of money can buy true happiness. The same goes for health as well. Sure, the more money you have the ‘better’ hospitals you can go to but at the end of the day, there’s only so much money can do […]

  • The Car That Sparked A Conflict

    Conflict is a strong human trait. Looking back at everything that’s happened in the past centuries is proof that for some uncanny reason, humans tend to continuously involve themselves in conflicts. Let’s stop and think at our daily life and the communication and interaction we have with the people around us. The moment we leave […]

  • He’s Back And He’s Mad

    Do you remember back in 2014, when a new neo-noir action thriller film made the headlines? It received critical acclaim from fans and critics alike, paving the road for further instalments. For those of you who have forgotten the plot or have never seen the film, do read on. The next paragraph is a short […]

  • Masters Of Forgotten Arts

    Everyone has heard of Bruce Lee. He has by far become the face of martial arts. Lee also managed to bring the world of martial arts to Hollywood, which in turn raised attention to Chinese martial arts. This attention put one martial art in the spotlight in particular – Wing Chun Kung Fu. Bruce Lee […]

  • When Legends Collide

    Knights – Men of Steel, with full-body armour and a weapon of choice… preferably a longsword. They ride into battle with bravery. Samurai – Men of Skill, with years of training in the art of war, wielding a katana. They fight for honor. Vikings – Men of Strength, fierce warriors of the north who enter […]