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  • The Secret Of A Homeless Man

    It’s the middle of the week and you are waiting for the bus to get to work. The bus finally arrives and you get on it. It’s crowded but you’re used to it and this has stopped bothering you a long time ago. The bus stops at your station and you get off. You make […]

  • She Is His Meaning Of Life

    We should sometimes stop what we’re doing for a moment and thank life for being kind to us. We should cherish the moments of happiness, love and laughter. We should take care of our loved ones. We should take care of our health. Simply, take care of our world. A person can be seen as […]

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  • How To Defend Against Bullying

    Looking back at our time in school, we tend to miss it once it’s gone. But back in those days we had a completely different perspective on life. Our problems were mostly about puberty issues like girls/boys, acne, grades and popularity. Some of these things, continue into adult life of course… interest in the opposite […]

  • The Secret Of Life

    The alarm clock next to your bed goes off. You try to ignore it for a few seconds, then you reach for it and press the snooze button. Before you know it, it goes off again. You grumpily turn around in bed for a while, then you finally decide it’s time for you to get […]

  • The Trials Of A Family

    Building a family is something most of us strive towards. Our parents and their parents before them have managed to build a life together and create a home with the proper conditions for the upbringing of their offspring. Us being here, means that we have a long lineage with a lot of family history. We […]

  • The Power Of Motivation

    Motivation is an important human trait. It’s helped us survive, evolve, become stronger and continue learning to better ourselves. Humankind and motivation go hand in hand. One could only hardly imagine what the world would look like and where it would be headed towards, if we did not have motivation to push us further. It’s […]

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    The Strongest Bond Between Us

    From the moment we are just an idea, through our birth, teen and adolescent life and all the way to the very end, there is that one person who’s bond with us will always be felt. It’s a kind of bond that can withstand the trials of time and whatever the world throws at it. […]