Category: Amazing

  • The Battle Of The Gods

    Shadow has spent the last three years in prison teaching himself coin tricks to pass the time. All he is really waiting for is to be reunited with his beloved wife Laura. He also plans to settle back into his old life and start working for his best friend Robbie once again. But his life is […]

  • The Story Of An Unusual Friendship

    Video gaming has become a sub-culture of its own. Sure, you’ve got the hard-core gamers who would invest thousands of dollars into their rig for the ultimate experience, but most people are casual gamers. There’s a fine line between playing from time to time and taking your hobby to the next level. I’ve literally seen […]

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  • The Beauty And The Beast Brought To Life Once More

    Sometimes there comes a company which leaves lasting effects on the world and its population. Some change the world for the better, while others do quite the opposite. Let’s take a closer look at Apple. The company established by the late Steve Jobs had anything but a smooth start. It almost went bankrupt in 1997 […]

  • Love Comes In All Forms And Shapes

    Dogs have been at our side for generations. They are considered as being a man’s best friend. Their loyalty is stunning and has been put to the test time and time again. Dogs are also very smart creatures and have been trained to rescue people, catch criminals and lead blind people. Not only are they […]

  • Your Personal Monster Killer Guy

    Witch-hunting. For three centuries of early modern European history, different societies across the Old World known as Europe were terrified over alleged witches in their midst. Witch-hunts, especially those in Central Europe, resulted in the trial, false accusation, torture and finally a sometimes-public execution of tens of thousands of victims, about three-quarters of whom were […]

  • The Unknown Power Of Music

    “If you are a mountain, then I’ll be the trees. I’ll hug you and keep you from getting cold. If you are a car, then I’ll be the roads and if you are the moon, of course I’ll be the stars. I’ll be by your side to keep you from getting cold and even during […]

  • He’s Not Perfect But His Love Is

    The job of a lone-father is not an easy one. He needs to take care of the housework, make sure there’s food on the table every day and also be there for his child. When all of these things are combined, it’s like two full time jobs. There’s always the fathers who would take on […]

  • The Beauty Of Martial Arts

    The beauty behind a martial art is hidden away but if we look closely enough, it is clear as daylight. Unfortunately, what people mostly think of when the topic of martial arts is brought up is violence and aggression. This is true for most modern martial sports like Boxing, Kick Boxing and MMA but not […]

  • Even In A World Of War, Love Prevails

    During the period of 4 years, from 1914 to 1918, chaos reigned our world. Fear, hate, sorrow and misery were all there was. Hope had just become a weak spark and peace was a thing of the past. On the 28th June 1914 Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary, was […]

  • When Creativity Is At Its Peak

    Technological advancement has played a vital role in the evolution of humankind since the beginning of time. Every invention has helped us take another step forward and has led us to continue developing. Innovating and achieving is a part of us and our lives. There have been many inventions which were put to good use […]