Todd Iliev

  • Your Personal Monster Killer Guy

    Witch-hunting. For three centuries of early modern European history, different societies across the Old World known as Europe were terrified over alleged witches in their midst. Witch-hunts, especially those in Central Europe, resulted in the trial, false accusation, torture and finally a sometimes-public execution of tens of thousands of victims, about three-quarters of whom were […]

  • Best Friends Are Forever

    Life is one hell of a rollercoaster. You suddenly open your eyes and hear your voice for the first time. You realize you’re alive. Your journey begins with so many adventures to be experienced and even more lessons to be learned. Walking, eating, talking and all our other basic needs are taught to us by […]

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  • The Secret Of A Homeless Man

    It’s the middle of the week and you are waiting for the bus to get to work. The bus finally arrives and you get on it. It’s crowded but you’re used to it and this has stopped bothering you a long time ago. The bus stops at your station and you get off. You make […]

  • Artificial Intelligence Is Taking Over Society

    The age of technology is a rapid evolving period full of new inventions and technological advancements. Major breakthroughs are a common occurrence nowadays, hence the high-speed progression in most scientific fields. The first computer was developed in 1942 by Professor John Atanasoff and Cliff Berry. It was a revolutionary innovation and paved the path for […]

  • My Dad Is A Liar (And A Hero)

    This little girl loves her dad and he does so in return. You might even say they adore each other. As an only parent, he does his best to keep her happy. He buys her ice cream, helps her with her homework and makes sure she does good in school. He never misses a school […]

  • The Strongest Bond Between Us

    From the moment we are just an idea, through our birth, teen and adolescent life and all the way to the very end, there is that one person who’s bond with us will always be felt. It’s a kind of bond that can withstand the trials of time and whatever the world throws at it. […]