Sukie Howard

  • Neil Patrick Harris Is Back

    Neil Patrick Harris shot to fame thanks to his portrayal of Barney Stinson in the hit show ‘How I Met Your Mother’. The character of Barney portrays the typical player, a person who is skilled at seducing women. A very well-dressed gentleman with plenty of financial resources and good looks, he prides himself with his […]

  • The Beauty And The Beast Brought To Life Once More

    Sometimes there comes a company which leaves lasting effects on the world and its population. Some change the world for the better, while others do quite the opposite. Let’s take a closer look at Apple. The company established by the late Steve Jobs had anything but a smooth start. It almost went bankrupt in 1997 […]

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  • The Car That Sparked A Conflict

    Conflict is a strong human trait. Looking back at everything that’s happened in the past centuries is proof that for some uncanny reason, humans tend to continuously involve themselves in conflicts. Let’s stop and think at our daily life and the communication and interaction we have with the people around us. The moment we leave […]

  • The Devil’s Dolls

    The subjects of magic and the occult are as old as humanity. They’ve been a part of legends and stories passed on from generation to generation. Magic has fascinated us since the beginning of time. It’s always been a mystery to us but a bright and usually positive one at that. When we speak of […]

  • My Beautiful Mother

    Sometimes there are happy stories and sometimes there are sad ones. Rarely there’s one which touches your heart. This is a true story of love, strength and humanity. This short-film starts off with a young lady dressed in a school uniform rushing to an appointment. Her name is Jane. Once she enters the building, she […]

  • Aliens Living In Human Bodies

    The subject of Aliens is a recurring one. The interest in the topic is steadily increasing, especially in times when space travel and android advancements are one the to-do list of our scientists. Yet when the matter of proof, or lack thereof, is taken into perspective, the outcome does not look as interesting. Most stories […]

  • We Are Not Alone

    They say the universe is endless. A vast infinity of planets, stars, galaxies and milky ways which we know next to nothing about. After all, we’ve only discovered less than 5% of the ocean to date. There are many legends and stories about sea monsters of unreal proportions attacking ships. Most people would say it’s […]

  • Mighty Beasts And Classy Women

    New York – A slim, classy lady wearing an all-black dress and sporting a business-woman attitude slowly walks out of a building downtown. In her right hand – a fitting jet black purse. In the other – the legendary Magnum Classic. She stops to take the first bite. People on the street freeze, drop what […]