Sukie Howard

  • My Beautiful Mother

    Sometimes there are happy stories and sometimes there are sad ones. Rarely there’s one which touches your heart. This is a true story of love, strength and humanity. This short-film starts off with a young lady dressed in a school uniform rushing to an appointment. Her name is Jane. Once she enters the building, she […]

  • Aliens Living In Human Bodies

    The subject of Aliens is a recurring one. The interest in the topic is steadily increasing, especially in times when space travel and android advancements are one the to-do list of our scientists. Yet when the matter of proof, or lack thereof, is taken into perspective, the outcome does not look as interesting. Most stories […]

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  • We Are Not Alone

    They say the universe is endless. A vast infinity of planets, stars, galaxies and milky ways which we know next to nothing about. After all, we’ve only discovered less than 5% of the ocean to date. There are many legends and stories about sea monsters of unreal proportions attacking ships. Most people would say it’s […]

  • Mighty Beasts And Classy Women

    New York – A slim, classy lady wearing an all-black dress and sporting a business-woman attitude slowly walks out of a building downtown. In her right hand – a fitting jet black purse. In the other – the legendary Magnum Classic. She stops to take the first bite. People on the street freeze, drop what […]

  • Winston The Singing Dog

    MOMMY NEEDS TO EAT!!! It’s the hottest single by Winston the Frenchie, in stores now (not really).