Simone Piccoli

  • A Very Undead Christmas

    “It was the night before Black Friday when all through the mall the biters stiffly. Ten thousand in all. The windows all shattered, the shoppers had fled. It looks like Black Friday brought black days instead. Then down near the food court arose such a clatter. I sprang from my post to see what was […]

  • A Man’s Best Friend

    Building a happy family is a goal of most people. Finding a beautiful, trustworthy and loving partner, moving in to a home and eventually having a baby. Usually there’s also another family member – the family pet. Pets are lovely companions and they cherish their owners. It’s hard explaining to someone who’s never had a […]

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  • The Secret Of Life

    The alarm clock next to your bed goes off. You try to ignore it for a few seconds, then you reach for it and press the snooze button. Before you know it, it goes off again. You grumpily turn around in bed for a while, then you finally decide it’s time for you to get […]

  • Jack Sparrow Is A Dead Man

    Pirates! The favourite ‘heroes’ of many children for generations. Their stories filled with adventure, glory, treasures and riches. How honourable most of these ‘heroes’ were, is mostly a grey area. Most spent their life either as privateers, working contract-based, or turned to the outlaw way of life, robbing ships and pillaging harbours and cities. As […]

  • Vacationing On Mars Is Coming

    A look into the SpaceX project and their concept of an Interplanetary Transport System. Maybe we’ll be able to book a trip to Mars in the near future. Pretty cool, huh?