Rosy Fairclough

  • This Car Takes Care Of Your Kid

    First dates are always an experience most of us tend not to forget. Emotions are all over the place and hopes are high. After all, it’s usually a ‘make it or break it’ day for us. The first time hanging out with a crush or a person you fancy can very well be challenging. Experiences […]

  • Love Comes In All Forms And Shapes

    Dogs have been at our side for generations. They are considered as being a man’s best friend. Their loyalty is stunning and has been put to the test time and time again. Dogs are also very smart creatures and have been trained to rescue people, catch criminals and lead blind people. Not only are they […]

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  • The True Horror Experience

    The horror genre is one you either love or hate. There’s not very many good horror video games worth mentioning but Resident Evil is a franchise that mostly does everything right. It’s a Japanese media franchise and is often credited for defining the horror game genre. The upcoming Resident Evil 7 is going back to […]

  • The Tribes Of The Future

    There are many theories about the end of the world. Cultures around the world all have at least some kind of prophecy saying the end is nigh. Everyone has heard of Nostradamus. He is by far the most famous seer and his prophecies are known around the world. This is mostly due to the fact, […]

  • She Is His Meaning Of Life

    We should sometimes stop what we’re doing for a moment and thank life for being kind to us. We should cherish the moments of happiness, love and laughter. We should take care of our loved ones. We should take care of our health. Simply, take care of our world. A person can be seen as […]

  • The Worst Year Of The 21st Century?

    Looking back at all the absurdities that have happened in the past 12 months is like watching a movie that’s part black comedy and part horror. 2016 was full of surprises and brought on changes no one really expected. The political situation around the world seems to have taken a turn for the worse once […]

  • High Speed Chases And Adrenaline Rushes

    One very common hobby that the male sex has that’s not football, is talking about cars. Cars are a weak point for many due to them being a man’s companion for generations. They’re not only a means of transportation but have also become a status symbol. Back in the day, horses were a man’s best […]

  • The Power Of Motivation

    Motivation is an important human trait. It’s helped us survive, evolve, become stronger and continue learning to better ourselves. Humankind and motivation go hand in hand. One could only hardly imagine what the world would look like and where it would be headed towards, if we did not have motivation to push us further. It’s […]