Kevin Carlevaro

  • The Battle Of The Gods

    Shadow has spent the last three years in prison teaching himself coin tricks to pass the time. All he is really waiting for is to be reunited with his beloved wife Laura. He also plans to settle back into his old life and start working for his best friend Robbie once again. But his life is […]

  • The Most Famous Sport In The World

    The most famous sport in the world is without a doubt football, or soccer, as Americans call it. It’s celebrated around the world by people of different origins, religions and cultures. Even the ancient Greeks and Romans practiced a form of football to some extent. The Romans called it Harpastum while the Greeks referred to […]

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  • He’s Back And He’s Mad

    Do you remember back in 2014, when a new neo-noir action thriller film made the headlines? It received critical acclaim from fans and critics alike, paving the road for further instalments. For those of you who have forgotten the plot or have never seen the film, do read on. The next paragraph is a short […]

  • When Legends Collide

    Knights – Men of Steel, with full-body armour and a weapon of choice… preferably a longsword. They ride into battle with bravery. Samurai – Men of Skill, with years of training in the art of war, wielding a katana. They fight for honor. Vikings – Men of Strength, fierce warriors of the north who enter […]

  • On The Brink Of Death

    Unfortunately, one thing that’s always been a part of human history is war. Over the course of history, hundreds of wars have been fought and millions of people have perished. Wars were fought for financial gains, conquest, religious differences and freedom. Many have been sacrificed for the gains of a few. No matter how often […]

  • Even In A World Of War, Love Prevails

    During the period of 4 years, from 1914 to 1918, chaos reigned our world. Fear, hate, sorrow and misery were all there was. Hope had just become a weak spark and peace was a thing of the past. On the 28th June 1914 Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary, was […]

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    The Paradox Of Reality

    Imagine an experience so real, it’s almost reality. The new VR generation has made this possible. A ground-breaking technological advancement that has been in development for many years is finally here. Virtual Reality is within our grasp and will soon be a part of our living room. This technology is something never seen before and […]

  • Cooking Up Furniture Is Apparently A Thing

    Is this a new style of cooking? It’s definitely a unique idea but I’m not sure if it’s as appetising as one might expect. The IKEA recipes for delicious kitchens start you off with quality ingredients for the perfect kitchen meal. And by the ‘perfect kitchen meal’, they literally mean a kitchen of a meal. […]

  • Cyborg Cops Chasing Hackers? A Must-Watch

    The official trailer for the upcoming sci-fi action movie by Rupert Sanders. Ghost In The Shell focuses on Cyborg counter-cyberterrorist field commander The Major (Scarlett Johansson) and her task force Section 9, attempting to bring down a computer hacker.