Kae Mallory

  • Colonizing Space Gone Wrong

    Space travel is now. Projects for inter-planetary transportation are already set in motion with plans for commercial travel soon to follow. There’s a huge demand for space tourism and it’s a niche market to be considered. Hollywood has lately been producing motion pictures about space. One of the newest films called ‘Passengers’ is set on […]

  • How To Defend Against Bullying

    Looking back at our time in school, we tend to miss it once it’s gone. But back in those days we had a completely different perspective on life. Our problems were mostly about puberty issues like girls/boys, acne, grades and popularity. Some of these things, continue into adult life of course… interest in the opposite […]

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  • The Trials Of A Family

    Building a family is something most of us strive towards. Our parents and their parents before them have managed to build a life together and create a home with the proper conditions for the upbringing of their offspring. Us being here, means that we have a long lineage with a lot of family history. We […]

  • Top 10: Craziest Waterslides

    The AquaDuck which is located on a Disney cruise ship and the ScorpionsTail in Noah’s Ark Waterpark are just 2 of the craziest waterslides you will see in the video. Enjoy!