Johnny Baum

  • An Upgraded Life Experience

    Hacking is slowly becoming a very talked about concern. In a world of digital technology surrounding our daily lives it’s not hard to understand why. Privacy issues often play a leading role in the hacking scandals. Just not too long ago the iCloud accounts of quite a few Hollywood stars were hacked, exposing dozens of […]

  • She’s Back To Kill

    Heavy panting. The camera pans towards a middle-aged woman with long brunette hair. She has a bloodied nose and is standing in what looks like the living room in presumably her own house. She screams ‘You’re not real!’ into the TV, falls on the floor and rips out the power plug from the wall. The […]

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  • This Makes Even Sheep Sing

    Sometimes a group of friends meet up to jam and decide to start a band. Most of these bands end up being a hobby or part-time side-project and don’t necessarily have a long lifespan. In very rare cases however, a band is talented, motivated and has what it takes to write potential hits. And in […]

  • Christmas Is Almost Ruined By The Family Cat

    Christmas is the time for presents, good food and quality family time. Santa Claus and his elves are busy with work to deliver all kinds of gifts to us the simple folk. The snow falls overnight and turns the landscape into a winter wonderland. Kids are happily running around with their sleds, playing in the […]

  • Matt Damon vs. Monsters

    The Great Wall of China is one of the Wonders of the World. It took architects and engineers of many dynasties and over 2000 years to build. Its length is a staggering 5500 miles and its height ranges from 16ft to 26 ft. It was built to defend the kingdom from northern invaders. It is […]

  • The Loner On The Moon

    The holiday of Christmas is probably one of the most celebrated holidays annually. People around the world gather with their families to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day together. It’s a time of happiness and love. Best of all, it’s a time to give and receive gifts. I am yet to meet someone who doesn’t […]