Stories Of The Wild West

A different kind of Western

It must have been quite the interesting life back in the Wild West and the frontier states. It looks absurd looking back at these times of turmoil from today’s perspective. The idea of sorting one’s problems in an open duel of life and death is a bit ridiculous. The fact that you could end the life of someone else over a bar seat is irrational. And yet, this was standard procedure back then. The most unsettling thing however, is that it was consider completely normal. People would not fret. A fight would break out and someone would get badly wounded or even die. Life would continue to go on as if nothing happened.
One could say it was a haven for outlaws and gunslingers. After all, living in a lawless world is what outlaws dream of. The sheriff and his deputies were barely considered a threat and had very little jurisdiction. Tracking down killers was next to impossible as counties would rarely cooperate with one another.
The West was pretty much one massive battlefield. It must’ve been like playing minesweeper. You never knew what to expect in any given situation. It was truly a time of heroes and villains. Skills would be put to the test almost daily.
We’ve all seen classical scenes of the Wild West in Hollywood films. The good guy versus the bad one. They would usually have a pistol duel either on a street, in a bar or on a train station. The faster man would end up winning. The loser would be left out in the street. In films, the good guy obviously triumphs over evil. In real life however, this hasn’t always been the case.
This short film classically portrays the events at a typical western bar. Yet the director adds his own touch.