Knights Of The Eternal Throne

The saga continues

A dark silhouette in a long black robe. The face is hidden behind the shadows of the hood. In one hand, a sabre. Not any kind of sabre though. A sabre emitting red light. The other hand is raised and is almost magically holding a heavy body in the air. It’s not touching it. The body is hovering a few meters away. It’s about half a meter above the ground with no contact to be seen. Sounds impossible? Magic, you say? Well, kind of.
The force. Star Wars. These are words we’ve all grown up with. Star Wars has not only found its place in the film industry but also in the video game and comic book industries.
Star Wars: The Old Republic is a critically acclaimed hit MMORPG produced by Bioware and Electronic Arts. Players are given the choice to either join the Empire or fight for the Republic. As in any RPG, the idea is to gain experience by doing missions and fighting enemies. As you progress into the story, you’ll end up discovering the universe and planets in the Star Wars Saga while creating your own story as you go along. The story takes place more than 3600 years before the events in the Star Wars films. It’s set during a time of peace between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic.
The story in the newest expansion called Knights of the Eternal Throne is set six to eight months after the Battle of Odessen.  A veteran of the Great Galactic War, known as the Outlander, leads the Alliance in a battle against Empress Vaylin as she begins her conquest of the galaxy. Facing some of the biggest threats they have ever encountered, the Outlander and their Alliance discover new worlds and undertake dangerous undercover missions in their fight to take control of the Eternal Throne.
The adventures in the Old Republic continue!