The Ones You Trust Are Always There

They would wait forever

Being a father is no easy task. It is a very rewarding one however. There’s nothing better than the love of a child. What matters is being together though. Caring for each other and making each other happy.
It’s not always possible to be together with your child. If you’ve chosen a career in the armed forces, things can get tough. As a soldier, it’s your duty to defend the country you serve. This is the absolute priority. You are told it’s for the greater good. You end up deployed somewhere far away and you fight for people you’ve never and will probably never meet.
At the end of the day, soldiers go into battle and fight for the ones they love. They fight for themselves. They fight for each other. They fight for their families. No one can and should blame them for choosing to do so. Human life is priceless. What some people don’t understand is that war is not a simple game of chess. Thousands of lives can end at the press of a button. No one should have this kind of power. The life and all life choices should be in the hands of the individual living it.
I cannot imagine what it must be like to have a wonderful family and have to leave them behind, to go fight someone else’s war. The number of KIA soldiers should not be just seen as some kind of statistic. These human beings were someone’s son, daughter, sibling, father or mother.
All this makes the following Duracell commercial stand out from the rest. It’s an advertisement that has less to do with a product presentation and more with showing respect to these men and women. After all, love knows no boundaries. It knows no distance. And patience is rewarded.