New Beginning’s Aren’t Always Easy

A story about a broken family

There’s recently been a stall in original and quality film productions in Hollywood. The industry is in a kind of a free fall with production companies clinging on to dear life. The originality in screenplays is slowly becoming a thing of the past. This definitely isn’t a good sign for Hollywood but its decline has opened the doors for independent film companies, directors and screenwriters to prove themselves. The tables have turned and indie productions are slowly but surely becoming more and more promising.
It’s a great opportunity for the creative arts as a whole. Finally, a breath of fresh air can be felt. People are happy about it as they’ve become tired of the same old model. The films of talented students from renowned film schools around the globe are inspiring and daring.
This is the trailer for one such film, produced by a German film graduate of the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg.
When Jimmy and Hannah finally find a buyer for their marvellous vacation home on a Greek volcanic island, the former couple returns to the place where they separated two years ago. Their seven-year-old daughter Luca, who is very much loved by both parents, is tagging along with them. As soon as they arrive at their old dream house on the island in the Aegean Sea, old tensions and conflicts begin surfacing once again. Hannah grows jealous of the intimate father-daughter relationship that Jimmy and Luca share, which she cannot bear to see. As time flies however, Hannah and Jimmy slowly and unexpectedly begin bonding again. This confuses Luca as she cannot understand the reasons behind it. Luca had a very tough time after the separation and has just recently learned to cope with it by building a safe-haven with her father. She isn’t ready to give the family another chance just yet, after all the pain she’s gone through.