Falling In Love With Artificial Intelligence

A somewhat new kind of relationship

We’re surround by technology. It guides our life, helps us accomplish things and can generally be a helping hand in many of life’s situations. We’re so used to it, that a world without it seems impossible. In many ways, it’s helped mankind move forward and advance in different aspects.
Voice recognition is one such technology, for example. So, what exactly are these systems? They are computer based systems which communicate with users through voice recognition in real time. The voice they communicate in is often a computer generated one. Well-known examples of such technology are Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana.
In the movie “Her”, Joaquin Phoenix plays Theodore Twombly. Twombly works as a writer of computer-generated handwritten letters for clients and is an introverted man on the verge of divorce from his long-time love Catherine. He’s trying to save his marriage in any way possible. Theodore is having a hard time moving onto other satisfying female relationships, be it romantically or even sexually. Eventually he realizes he is slowly falling in love with his confidante Samantha. The problem is that Samantha is not only his best friend but also the artificial intelligence operating system that powers all his personal technological devices. As Samantha is designed to cater to Theodore’s needs, she ends up falling for him as well. Because Samantha does not have a body, they both have to come up with ways of making the relationship as real as possible. Three of the many questions that may arise are as follows – Is there a possibility that Theodore’s relationship with Samantha prevents him from having a more satisfying relationship with a female human? Can a human and a computer operating system truöy bond with each other in all aspects? Does Samantha’s quick evolution mean she will evolve even further to her own form of self-fulfilment?
A movie worth watching!