She’s Back To Kill

Heavy panting. The camera pans towards a middle-aged woman with long brunette hair. She has a bloodied nose and is standing in what looks like the living room in presumably her own house. She screams ‘You’re not real!’ into the TV, falls on the floor and rips out the power plug from the wall. The TV doesn’t turn off however and the image of a young girl in a white nightgown flashes on screen. The woman proceeds to ripping the TV off the wall. She repeats ‘You’re not real’ and leans towards the now broken TV, lying face-down on the floor. Suddenly, some kind of dark liquid starts oozing out of it which scares her and she stumbles over a chair while retreating backwards. She watches in horror as the now malfunctioning TV turns itself on and a pale, white hand reaches out from under the screen.
The alarm goes off at 7:07 in the morning waking up a happy couple, living in a big and spacey house. The guy tells his girlfriend about a video, which once watched ends up killing you in 7 days. The second the video is over, the phone rings and a distorted voice of a young girl voice says ‘7 days’. The phone then inexplicably catches fire. The girlfriend ends up watching the video. As the days go by, she learns the hard way that the stories about the cursed video are true.
‘Rings’ is the next instalment in the well-known ‘The Ring’ franchise. Most have seen the first movie, which was a remake of the 1998 Japanese film ‘Ring’.
It is notable for being the first Hollywood remake of a Japanese horror classic and for paving the way for a number of Japenese horror movie remakes, in the likes of The Grudge, Dark Water, Pulse and One Missed Call.