He’s Not Perfect But His Love Is

The job of a lone-father is not an easy one. He needs to take care of the housework, make sure there’s food on the table every day and also be there for his child. When all of these things are combined, it’s like two full time jobs. There’s always the fathers who would take on the world and pretend all this work doesn’t tire them out. This of course can’t be true. Everyone gets overworked, sooner or later no matter how good they hide the fact. These fathers do all this and all they ask in return is to be loved by their children. Making their kid happy also gives them the necessary energy to tackle yet another day of hard work. Sometimes these children understand what is being done for them and cherish it… sometimes they don’t. It’s not automatically that they’re spoiled. It could have many different reasons. Some kids just don’t seem to see what’s being done behind the curtain to ease their life, others are just hitting puberty. As it is well known, puberty is a very uneasy and trying time for both parents and their children. Hormone imbalances occur and they lead to often ridiculous, untimely and uncalled for decisions.
As tough a part of life as this period might be, it’s a whole different story for a father who is mute. His daughter is in her puberty and is rebelling against her own father. She doesn’t want to accept the fact that he’s mute and fights against it. She says she wants a normal father. One whose voice she can hear. One who she can speak to. What she doesn’t understand however is how blind she is towards his love. She doesn’t see the daily sacrifices he makes for her.
There are no perfect fathers but a father will always love perfectly.