Colonizing Space Gone Wrong

Space travel is now. Projects for inter-planetary transportation are already set in motion with plans for commercial travel soon to follow. There’s a huge demand for space tourism and it’s a niche market to be considered. Hollywood has lately been producing motion pictures about space. One of the newest films called ‘Passengers’ is set on the starship ‘Avalon’. This starship is transporting over 5000 people to the planet Homestead II which is supposed to be colonized. The journey there takes approximately 120 years to complete. As is expected, the crew and the passengers are all in hibernation mode. Everything’s going according to plan until a malfunction awakens passenger Jim Preston, a mechanical engineer, 90 years early.
After a year of isolation, with no company except an android bartender named Arthur, Jim becomes depressed and contemplates suicide. One day however, he notices beautiful Aurora Lane fast asleep in her pod. He checks out her video profile and it reveals that she is a writer with a humorous personality. After struggling with the morality of manually awaking Aurora for companionship, he does so, claiming it was due to a mechanical malfunction like his. Aurora, devastated that she will likely grow old and die before the ship reaches its final destination, attempts to re-enter hibernation and fails, just as Jim had tried. Eventually, she accepts her situation and begins writing a book about her experiences. Jim and Aurora grow closer over time and become lovers.
The rest of the adventurous love story is to be seen in ‘Passengers’. It’s a fun and engaging experience with a story quite different to the generic space travel plots seen in most films. Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence do an excellent job at painting a picture of hope, denial, frustration and love. If you’ve ever wondered what a colonizing space experiment might look like, this is the closest chance you’ll get… for now at least!