The Beauty Of Martial Arts

The beauty behind a martial art is hidden away but if we look closely enough, it is clear as daylight. Unfortunately, what people mostly think of when the topic of martial arts is brought up is violence and aggression. This is true for most modern martial sports like Boxing, Kick Boxing and MMA but not for the traditional martial arts. The word ‘art’ is not part of the term without reason. Traditional martial arts include all forms of Kung Fu, Aikido, Karate etc. These Asian arts are but a small part of a complex system, rooted in centuries-old knowledge. Therefore, these martial arts all have a philosophy behind them. Some can be even used as a medicinal treatment of various health issues. Most focus on building up internal and external Qi and diverting the Qi force of the opponent. Qi, plays a vital role as it is the force of life. It can be seen in different cultures around the world – examples being Qi in China, Ki in Japan, Prana in India and Mana in Madagascar. Different terminologies for the same principle. The belief is that all living things have a Qi field and it is this energy that martial arts learn to utilize.
A wonderful martial art that displays philosophy, beauty and the concept of yin and yang energy is the Japanese Aikido. It is often translated as ‘The way of unifying with life energy’ or as ‘the way of harmonious spirit’. Aikido was created by Morihei Ueshiba in the 1920s and derives from Aiki-Jujutsu. The personal spiritual growth plays a major part in Aikido as meditation is deeply rooted in the martial art. There are five principles of Aikido and these are as follows: Extend your mind, know your partner’s mind, respect your partner’s ki, put yourself in your partner’s place and perform with confidence.
The true beauty of this martial art can be seen in the video above!