My Beautiful Mother

Sometimes there are happy stories and sometimes there are sad ones. Rarely there’s one which touches your heart. This is a true story of love, strength and humanity.
This short-film starts off with a young lady dressed in a school uniform rushing to an appointment. Her name is Jane. Once she enters the building, she freshens herself up and gets a message from someone who’s worried she’s running late. She hurries over to the school theatre and walks in, right in time for the performance of her daughter. She is greeted by her little girl, whose name is June, with overly-excited hand movements and shouts. The person responsible for sending her the message and asking where she was, is a young lad with a short beard and long hair. He seems to have some kind of connection to her and June.
Jane is a senior student. She tends to be quiet and doesn’t keep company with anyone in the class. When the class is over, she always rushes back home to pick up June. Rumour has it, she had her daughter when she was 18. Some rumours even go as far as saying the child is from a sugar daddy. All this is of course not true. The only person who knows the real truth however is the young man with the long hair. He is June’s art teacher. In time, he becomes something as a father figure to the girl and develops a fondness towards Jane. He takes care of them and helps them out in whichever way possible. He doesn’t understand why Jane would not come out with the truth about June and put the rumours surrounding them to rest. Jane simply replies that she prefers for the rumours to be about her and not about her daughter. Watch this emotional short-film to find out the truth about June.