A Very Undead Christmas

“It was the night before Black Friday when all through the mall the biters stiffly. Ten thousand in all. The windows all shattered, the shoppers had fled. It looks like Black Friday brought black days instead. Then down near the food court arose such a clatter. I sprang from my post to see what was the matter. What to my wondering eyes should appear, a freshly transforming and four more in the rear. With nowhere to go and no safety in sight, I picked up my bat and prepared for a fight. More rapid than bullets they came and they came. I smashed and I bashed and I called them by name. ‘You all look so hungry! Here, step on this’.
Outside the evils howled and the horde came alive. It would take a Christmas miracle for old Frank to survive. And then there they were, right there on the floor – the Exo suit and weapons I’d asked Santa for. In the spirit of giving I let fire fly. I asked who wanted barbecue and got no reply. With the strength of 10 men I brought serious pain – ‘Come meet your maker, Frank West is my name’. So I jumped in my sleigh and drove through the horde. Spewing up bodies and guts and more gore. It’s so nice to be naughty I thought with a grin. I’m just getting started, let the sleigh ride begin.”
A Christmas story, done a bit differently. This is what the developers over at Capcom are trying to do. Take a snowy Christmas setting, a lone protagonist, throw in hundreds of zombies and you’ve got yourself a zombie-smashing action-packed RPG to follow in the footsteps of the first three instalments. The holiday season has an unusual spirit when you’re fending off hordes of the undead.
It looks like a fun game to try out!