The Secret Of A Homeless Man

It’s the middle of the week and you are waiting for the bus to get to work. The bus finally arrives and you get on it. It’s crowded but you’re used to it and this has stopped bothering you a long time ago. The bus stops at your station and you get off. You make your way up the street until you reach your shop. He’s here again. The annoying homeless person who’s been plaguing your store-front for the past few weeks. He’s in his thirties, has long hair and crooked teeth. His story is not known. Everyone in the area are aware of him but no one seems to know what exactly led him to become homeless. It’s not that he looks like a bad person but it’s just the fact that he lives out on the streets and is unhygienic… this revolts you. You don’t realize that the real reason behind your disgust is the inability to accept that another human being can get into such a miserable situation. He seems to be harmless and tries to be friendly in his own way. You have a hard time accepting him and being nice to him. You’ve tried to but you simply can’t stop judging him. He sometimes asks for food but he’s no beggar. Yet still you chase him away.
The next day, he’s not there anymore. Neither is he the day after. You are relieved but have a weird hunch you can’t get rid of. Maybe he wasn’t the bad one after all. Standing in front of your shop, you look up and see the security camera. Next thing you know, you’re looking through the security footage. You realize that this man, who you’ve been continuously trying to chase away, has actually been protecting your shop at night all along. You realize this whole experience has been a valuable life lesson. Don’t be too quick to judge others. You don’t know their story.