She Is His Meaning Of Life

We should sometimes stop what we’re doing for a moment and thank life for being kind to us. We should cherish the moments of happiness, love and laughter. We should take care of our loved ones. We should take care of our health. Simply, take care of our world. A person can be seen as an own universe. Therefore, whatever happens in our lives can be seen as something we’ve individually shaped and set free in our personal universe. There’s more than enough books on the subject of the mind. Scientists, psychologists and doctors alike tend to agree upon the idea of our thoughts being the control mechanism for the world around us. Each thought can be seen as a ‘data package’ of energy. When it is created in our head and we let it go, it becomes a ripple of change. The act of letting something go, our thoughts in this case, is an action… and as we’ve learned – every action has a reaction. So, the things happening in our lives are just a reaction to the thought process going on in our head.
This brings me back to the issue of health. There’s doctors who strongly believe that both healing and sickness happens on the inside and therefore is not an outside factor. It’s also directly connected to our feelings and emotions. Some people are completely healthy but suffer from depressions and feel unhappy because of their mind-set. Other people who have illnesses or conditions which cannot be healed may have a simple but positive mind-set and be enjoying life to the fullest. The truth is that the more we have, the unhappier we become and in turn, the more we start wanting.
This commercial shows what a healthy mind is capable of. It’s the story of a poor and blind father who goes to great lengths to make his daughter happy. Because for him, his daughter means everything.