This Makes Even Sheep Sing

Sometimes a group of friends meet up to jam and decide to start a band. Most of these bands end up being a hobby or part-time side-project and don’t necessarily have a long lifespan. In very rare cases however, a band is talented, motivated and has what it takes to write potential hits. And in the rarest of cases these hit songs end up being produced and take the world by storm. We can all think of at least one band whose success grew out of proportion. Your first guess might be the Beatles. Yes, they have been on this same path to fame and success but I’m not talking about them. I’m talking about a band of much greater musical achievement. I’m talking about Queen. The band was formed in 1970 by four British lads in London who at the time had absolutely no idea how this decision would change their lives forever. Fast forward more than 40 years later and their success is still to be seen. There aren’t many bands or musicians who have managed to influence not one but a couple of generations. Kids, parents and grandparents have all heard of Queen and know their songs. The music industry has also felt a change… a change that was made possible by the band. After all, they paved the road for many musicians and are seen as pioneers in the rock and progressive rock genres. What made Queen so special was the voice of Freddie Mercury. Mercury’s vocal skills as well as his vocal range. He had no problem singing anything from bass low to soprano high and his sense of tempo and rhythm was astonishing. He’s considered as one of the greatest singers of all time having an unparalleled singing voice.
His songs are so phenomenal that even sheep sing them. At least according to this Honda advertisement!