How To Defend Against Bullying

Looking back at our time in school, we tend to miss it once it’s gone. But back in those days we had a completely different perspective on life. Our problems were mostly about puberty issues like girls/boys, acne, grades and popularity. Some of these things, continue into adult life of course… interest in the opposite sex and being popular are things that don’t end when you get out of school. On the contrary, sometimes they play an even bigger part in our lives after our school years. We all had our moments back then when we’d try to impress our crush by doing something stupid… and then we’d just end up embarrassing ourselves. You’d have your best friends who would laugh at you for failing but still do all those crazy things with you. Then there were the different types of groups, a bit like a teen hierarchy. Most kids would spend the majority of their school year trying to impress the popular kids so they can be a part of their ‘popular group’. The skaters would do their own thing and the nerds would stay in their group and try not to draw too much unwanted attention. Girls and boys would be flirting during class by writing notes and passing them around. After all, hormones are at a high during these years and kids are ecstatic about their first love. It’s kind of funny how we thought those feelings we had were true love and how we’d strongly believe we’ve suddenly become relationship experts. As much as school was fun, it wasn’t a great experience for everyone. Kids can be mean to each other. When the ego is hungry it can motivate us to perform hurtful things. Bullying is a big problem in schools around the world. The strong prey on the weak, although they should be protecting them. The answer is strength in numbers. Be together, care for each other and don’t be afraid to be different.