A Man’s Best Friend

Building a happy family is a goal of most people. Finding a beautiful, trustworthy and loving partner, moving in to a home and eventually having a baby. Usually there’s also another family member – the family pet. Pets are lovely companions and they cherish their owners. It’s hard explaining to someone who’s never had a pet what life with one feels like. When a pet enters your life, they leave a lasting mark. It doesn’t really matter what pet you have as long as they make you happy. You’ll definitely be getting enough love from them as they’re thankful for a nice home and a good life. They say dogs are a man’s best friend. This is true not only for dogs of course, but dogs tend to show you how much they adore you very blatantly… all the time. A doggy waggles its tail, barks and jumps in happiness and loves smearing its saliva all over you just to show you how much it missed you. They’re very loyal pets and would go to great lengths to please and protect their owners. Most people get a pet earlier on in life. You’re either born into a family with a pet or you yourself decide to get one. The longer the pet is by your side, the greater the bond between you. Many say that people adopt one to not feel lonely. That is of course true to some extent. With a cat or a dog in your household, you are never truly alone. Even the surrounding atmosphere changes, although it’s hard to explain how. It’s one of those things best experienced yourself.
What some people don’t understand however is that the decision of having a pet is and should not be an easy one. It’s a decision that once taken, can’t be undone. A pet is for life. It’s not a Christmas gift that can be pushed aside or given away a year later. We need to care for our pets as they do for us!