Aliens Living In Human Bodies

The subject of Aliens is a recurring one. The interest in the topic is steadily increasing, especially in times when space travel and android advancements are one the to-do list of our scientists. Yet when the matter of proof, or lack thereof, is taken into perspective, the outcome does not look as interesting. Most stories and theories of alien encounters have been debunked. The curious thing is that no matter how many times they are proven false, new stories always tend to make their way around. So, either people have too much time on their hands and won’t, or don’t want to give up believing aliens exist or scientists are simply wrong. After all, scientific facts are constantly evolving thanks to new conclusions and results. The chance of being the only intelligent race in an infinite universe is pretty slim. Judging by the general understanding of alien species, they are believed to be fairly more advanced than us. This raises an interesting question, assuming they do exist. Why, with such a technological and intellectual advancement over us, do they not want to get in contact with us? Is there a possibility that they perceive us as some kind of threat? On the other hand, if these encounters did happen but the media and the government deny any such thing… why are they denying it and what are they so afraid of? It is quite the mystery and I doubt it will be solved anytime soon. At least, not as long as someone starts giving answers.
As with any fascinating topic, ‘Alien’ was made into a science-fiction action horror franchise. The film series is centred around a Warrant Officer and her battle with extra-terrestrial lifeforms or ‘Xenomorphs’ as commonly referred. The franchise has been an international success leading to the production of video games, novels and comics.