Artificial Intelligence Is Taking Over Society

The age of technology is a rapid evolving period full of new inventions and technological advancements. Major breakthroughs are a common occurrence nowadays, hence the high-speed progression in most scientific fields. The first computer was developed in 1942 by Professor John Atanasoff and Cliff Berry. It was a revolutionary innovation and paved the path for future developments. Looking back at my childhood makes me realize the speed at which technological advancements are being made. I remember playing on big arcade machines, then on computers closely resembling boxes. By the time I was in primary school, laptops were slowly entering the PC market. The floppy disk was no more, swapped out for CDs. VHS Cassettes died out after the release of the DVD. Walkman, portable CD Players and Minidiscs came and went, replaced by the MP3. TV Screens went from being impossible to carry alone to being light and compact. Suddenly everything around started becoming smaller and more efficient. The Internet with its World Wide Web changed our world forever. I can hardly imagine what life would now look like if the Internet had never been invented or released to the public. The introduction of mobile phones also made lasting changes to the world around us. We truly live in the Age of Communication.
According to scientists, the future looks bright for us. Artificial Intelligence is making major advancements and companies are investing billions of dollars in the research of robotics. I have the feeling that all the ‘robots in the future’ talk is slowly going to become reality. The first androids are already being developed and they surely are life-like. At the moment, they are still prototypes and mostly need to be locally controlled but the big dream is to have them be a part of our society in the near future. Critics however, fear that we need to proceed with caution as we’re treading on unknown and potentially dangerous ground.