Christmas Is Almost Ruined By The Family Cat

Christmas is the time for presents, good food and quality family time. Santa Claus and his elves are busy with work to deliver all kinds of gifts to us the simple folk. The snow falls overnight and turns the landscape into a winter wonderland. Kids are happily running around with their sleds, playing in the snow, building snowmen and generally having a good time. Parents are baking cookies and gingerbread men, sipping tea, wine and punch. The holiday spirit is in the air and can be felt all around. In a suburban house, on the outskirts of the city lies the Thomas family deep asleep in their cosy beds. Nicky and Debbie are dreaming about what Santa would bring them. Mr. Thomas is dreaming of a new bat while Mrs. Thomas is dreaming of her husband as a Captain. Even Mog, the family cat, is fast asleep on this winter’s day but his dream is not a pleasant one. Poor Mog is having a nightmare. And what a nightmare at that – while flying over the countryside (yes, he’s got wings in the dream) he is chased by some foul-looking birds with sharp teeth. As he tries to fend them off in his dream, his paws get entangled in the Christmas lights above his cat basket, which sets off an unpleasant chain of events in the sleepy household. Many unplanned things begin happening, all involving Mog. His face almost catches fire; he manages to rip down the Christmas banquet in the dining room; has an unwilling ride on the ceiling fan which ends up destroying the Christmas tree and worst of all, sets the house on fire. The Thomas family is devastated while watching firefighters try and deal with the fire outbreak. Fortunately for them, the fire is put out without a problem and the neighbours come to the rescue. Thus, the whole community helps out and rescues Christmas for the Thomas family.