We Are Not Alone

They say the universe is endless. A vast infinity of planets, stars, galaxies and milky ways which we know next to nothing about. After all, we’ve only discovered less than 5% of the ocean to date. There are many legends and stories about sea monsters of unreal proportions attacking ships. Most people would say it’s all folklore but there might be a chance that at least some of them are true, judging by how little of the oceans’ mysteries have been uncovered. One can only imagine what hides in the darkest corners of the universe when we haven’t even unearthed the secrets of our own planet. Defining words as ‘endless’ and ‘infinite’ in a dictionary is simple but try to truly grasp the meaning behind them is a whole different story. How are we supposed to understand what infinity is when everything around us has a beginning and an end. This leads us to ask ourselves some important questions – ‘Are we alone in the universe? Is there another race somewhere out there? What is the probability of a chance encounter with another living species?’
If the universe is truly endless, then the probability of our planet being the only planet with an advanced form of life… well, it must be minimal. We’ve all heard of alien encounters around the globe. Most are quick to assume it’s all just fabrication. The possibility that at least some of these encounters were real is likely higher than with might think.
The ‘alien’ topic has been a fascinating one for generations. Hundreds of books have been written about it. It has also been the subject of dozens of films. One American media franchise called ‘Planet of the Apes’ deals with the occurrence of one such alien encounter. The otherworldly species portrayed is a civilization of apes whose world is as advanced as our own. Take a look at one such confrontation gone out of hand!