The Trials Of A Family

Building a family is something most of us strive towards. Our parents and their parents before them have managed to build a life together and create a home with the proper conditions for the upbringing of their offspring. Us being here, means that we have a long lineage with a lot of family history. We should consider ourselves lucky. Lucky, that our parents met each other and decided to start a family together and have kids. Having a family has been the natural path people have taken for generations. The world is based around the concept of producing offspring to secure the survival of its species. One can only understand the true meaning of being a parent when the time comes. It’s a life changing experience for sure. The notion of creating life is definitely a captivating one. The work does not end when the child is born however. Quite on the contrary, this is where it really begins. Parents dedicate their life to the upbringing and needs of their children. There are no real guidelines to parenting and you therefore can’t learn how to be a good mom or dad by reading books or attending courses. It’s a lifelong lesson which involves trial and error and learning from one’s mistakes. The parent after all, is the guardian… the one who should know best, be willing to teach and nurture their children, be there for them and protect them.
Children on the other hand, should show their elders respect. Every relationship is a give and take. Loving parents sacrifice a lot for their kids. The least the kids could do is show them they’re grateful. Unfortunately, sometimes families experience a fall out due to misunderstandings. Emotions get the best of people and words are said and actions are done which shouldn’t have been said or done in the first place. The beauty of love in combination with time however, is like the saying goes – ‘Time heals all wounds’. This is a story of one such family love.