High Speed Chases And Adrenaline Rushes

One very common hobby that the male sex has that’s not football, is talking about cars. Cars are a weak point for many due to them being a man’s companion for generations. They’re not only a means of transportation but have also become a status symbol. Back in the day, horses were a man’s best friend and horse-breeders played a vital part in their further development. Well, one could say the automotive industry is the successor of the horse-breeder and cars therefore replaced horses. These animals are still connected to our 21st century transportation in a couple of ways however. We’ve got the Ford Mustang for example. A luxurious sports car which bears the mustang horse as its emblem. Another obvious connection is the unit in which we measure engine power. Horse power is nowadays probably one of the most important factors of a car. Which brings us to the topic of racing.
Car racing has become an important sport in today’s society, mostly due to our fascination with cars. The different types of sports range from Rally and NASCAR to Formula One (F1) and Monster Truck shows. The movie industry has also been depicting car chases and car races as part of the action in motion pictures.
Over the last decade or so the ‘sport’ of street racing, which is illegal in most countries, has gained popularity and has been featured in the media. This in turn, attracted widespread attention and led to Hollywood producing the hit franchise ‘The Fast and The Furious’ with stars like Vin Diesel and the late Paul Walker. The franchise is largely concerned with illegal street racing and heists. The movies have further fuelled the interest in sports cars and racing around the world.
‘The Fate of the Furious’ is the upcoming eight instalment in the series and looks very promising.