The Paradox Of Reality

Imagine an experience so real, it’s almost reality. The new VR generation has made this possible. A ground-breaking technological advancement that has been in development for many years is finally here. Virtual Reality is within our grasp and will soon be a part of our living room. This technology is something never seen before and it is on the right path to becoming a complete game-changer. HTC and Steam have teamed up to deliver an incredible VR experience and they have definitely hit the sweet spot. Not only does the Headset immerse you into completely fascinating worlds with the help of two controllers, which work as your ‘virtual hands’, but the special sensors which are setup to create a ‘safe zone’ track your movements so you can literally walk around as a means of advancing in the games. The Headset itself can be adjusted to fit one’s head and has a headphone jack, which lets you plug in headphones for that extra VR experience. The ‘safe zone’ sensors create an area which is safe to walk around in and also warn you not to leave it by displaying grid-like boundaries.
Once you’re all set and have put on the VR Headset, taken the motion controllers in both hands and set up your headphones you’re pretty much ready to go and be blown away by the sensation that is Virtual Reality.
Ever wondered what it’s like to fly over Mount Everest? To reach its Summit? Well, all this is now possible. The sensation the experience gives you is so realistic that you sometimes forget it is all just an illusion. Considering this is just the start of the VR generation, one can only imagine what we might see in the near future. This technology has incredible potential and it will be interesting to observe how it develops.