The Power Of Motivation

Motivation is an important human trait. It’s helped us survive, evolve, become stronger and continue learning to better ourselves. Humankind and motivation go hand in hand. One could only hardly imagine what the world would look like and where it would be headed towards, if we did not have motivation to push us further. It’s the reason why we end up accomplishing great things. Many a time has it been the cause for people who’ve found themselves in life-threatening situations to get an almost inhuman push of power that’s in turn helped them make it out alive. Motivation is part of our human race and it’s guided us since the very beginning. Be it when it kicks in and pushes you to do that long-overdue homework or when it gives you energy to not stay at home but go out into the world and do something productive. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to implement our skills to the maximum.
It always surrounds us and plays a part in even the littlest things and most ‘common’ actions.
Take any set of skills or sports for example. In order to improve, people must train diligently. To hone one’s skill, a lot of hard work must be done. The Chinese meaning of ‘Kung Fu’ for example actually means ‘hard work’. It therefore isn’t strictly applied to a martial art. A good cook, can have Kung Fu. A great painter also knows the art of ‘Kung Fu’. There would be no such saying, were we not born with vital traits – one of which being that same motivational trait.
Nike’s ‘Just Do It’ is their catchphrase and it’s known across the world. It’s based on the same principle. If you like something, do it as often as you can. Get better at it and when you trip and fall, because we all fall down from time to time, don’t hesitate but pick yourself up again. Always dream big and you’ll start accomplishing things you never even thought possible.