Mighty Beasts And Classy Women

New York – A slim, classy lady wearing an all-black dress and sporting a business-woman attitude slowly walks out of a building downtown. In her right hand – a fitting jet black purse. In the other – the legendary Magnum Classic. She stops to take the first bite. People on the street freeze, drop what they’re doing and start running off in fear. She smiles, turns around and starts walking down the street. She is followed by her pet. It’s not an ordinary pet. It’s a majestic black puma. It walks slowly next to its owner, calm but aware, and ready to strike if need be. Both pet and owner leave the surrounding people in awe, no matter where they go.
Paris – A stylish lady taking a walk in the park. Her full-grown tiger is by her side at all times. The sheer image of the two makes everyone around scatter.
Wherever we go in the world, if there’s someone enjoying the fantastic taste of a Magnum Classic, there’s always a majestic beast around. It makes you not only fear the taste but also secretly desire it. You want to be a part of the phenomena. Your temptation overpowers your fears and your taste buds are awakened. You are not afraid anymore. You are ready to experience the wild side of life. Let it happen and you will be in full control of your own personal dangerously elegant animal. Find out who is waiting to join you. Will it be a bald eagle? A leopard? A shark? A lion? Or perhaps a wolf?
This Magnum commercial dares you to be yourself and release the beast wherever you go. It dares you to show the world around you who you truly are. And who knows… maybe your lion will eventually meet his lioness. Just be ready for it!