The Strongest Bond Between Us

From the moment we are just an idea, through our birth, teen and adolescent life and all the way to the very end, there is that one person who’s bond with us will always be felt. It’s a kind of bond that can withstand the trials of time and whatever the world throws at it. One could say it’s a supernatural one. The bond of the purest and most unconditional love. The bond between a mother and her child. Our mothers are there from day one. They’re there to support us, help us, teach us, take care of us and love us. And once we trip and fall or get lost, sure enough they come to pick us up and point us back toward the right path. As much as a mother is a parent, as much she is a teacher with very valuable life lessons. After all, they’ve been there and done that long before us. Sometimes we feel that we’re being oppressed and controlled. That we’re not truly free. The truth is, they’re just trying to protect us while we’re still learning about the adventure that is life. And even when we grow up and have kids of our own, we’re still our mother’s child. No matter the career path we take or the life choices we make, there’s always a place we can call home. Always a person who will welcome us with open arms. With age, the problems we are confronted with constantly change and there’s many ups and downs we have to face on this rollercoaster ride we call life. Sometimes we end up feeling alone and confused. Sometimes we think there’s no way out of a certain situation. What most of us forget is that we can always call up or see our moms for help. They almost certainly have a solution to our problems.