December 2016

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  • The Secret Of Life

    The alarm clock next to your bed goes off. You try to ignore it for a few seconds, then you reach for it and press the snooze button. Before you know it, it goes off again. You grumpily turn around in bed for a while, then you finally decide it’s time for you to get […]

  • We Are Not Alone

    They say the universe is endless. A vast infinity of planets, stars, galaxies and milky ways which we know next to nothing about. After all, we’ve only discovered less than 5% of the ocean to date. There are many legends and stories about sea monsters of unreal proportions attacking ships. Most people would say it’s […]

  • The Trials Of A Family

    Building a family is something most of us strive towards. Our parents and their parents before them have managed to build a life together and create a home with the proper conditions for the upbringing of their offspring. Us being here, means that we have a long lineage with a lot of family history. We […]

  • Matt Damon vs. Monsters

    The Great Wall of China is one of the Wonders of the World. It took architects and engineers of many dynasties and over 2000 years to build. Its length is a staggering 5500 miles and its height ranges from 16ft to 26 ft. It was built to defend the kingdom from northern invaders. It is […]

  • High Speed Chases And Adrenaline Rushes

    One very common hobby that the male sex has that’s not football, is talking about cars. Cars are a weak point for many due to them being a man’s companion for generations. They’re not only a means of transportation but have also become a status symbol. Back in the day, horses were a man’s best […]

  • Is Life Really Scripted?

    Waking life is an interesting phenomenon when taken into perspective. Observing it closely but indirectly may lead to the conclusion that all these years and experiences which we call life can be seen as one continuous event. After all, our individual lifeline is a timeline. We are so in our element day in and day […]

  • Jack Sparrow Is A Dead Man

    Pirates! The favourite ‘heroes’ of many children for generations. Their stories filled with adventure, glory, treasures and riches. How honourable most of these ‘heroes’ were, is mostly a grey area. Most spent their life either as privateers, working contract-based, or turned to the outlaw way of life, robbing ships and pillaging harbours and cities. As […]

  • My Dad Is A Liar (And A Hero)

    This little girl loves her dad and he does so in return. You might even say they adore each other. As an only parent, he does his best to keep her happy. He buys her ice cream, helps her with her homework and makes sure she does good in school. He never misses a school […]

  • Popular

    The Paradox Of Reality

    Imagine an experience so real, it’s almost reality. The new VR generation has made this possible. A ground-breaking technological advancement that has been in development for many years is finally here. Virtual Reality is within our grasp and will soon be a part of our living room. This technology is something never seen before and […]

  • The Power Of Motivation

    Motivation is an important human trait. It’s helped us survive, evolve, become stronger and continue learning to better ourselves. Humankind and motivation go hand in hand. One could only hardly imagine what the world would look like and where it would be headed towards, if we did not have motivation to push us further. It’s […]