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  • A Circus Of Pain Extravaganza

    “Times are tough at Circus Penarium. People used to line up to take their shot at eternal glory. Now there’s no volunteers, leaving us to resort to unconventional ways of recruitment. Or perfect hero should be strong, dashing, athletic and handsome… But for now, meet Willy. Willy takes on the world’s most dangerous death traps […]

  • The Car That Sparked A Conflict

    Conflict is a strong human trait. Looking back at everything that’s happened in the past centuries is proof that for some uncanny reason, humans tend to continuously involve themselves in conflicts. Let’s stop and think at our daily life and the communication and interaction we have with the people around us. The moment we leave […]

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  • Introducing A Born Leader

    Life as a kid sure means fun times. You usually have nothing to worry about. Parents take care of all problems so you get to float on a cloud and just enjoy life. I remember back in the day when I could go out and play with my friends without having to worry about my […]

  • Remember To Love Offline

    The digital age has surely changed the world we live in. Never before have we been able to constantly be in touch with our family and loved ones, no matter the distance. All we need to do is pick up the phone and dial their number. As if that isn’t already good enough, the front-facing […]

  • The True Horror Experience

    The horror genre is one you either love or hate. There’s not very many good horror video games worth mentioning but Resident Evil is a franchise that mostly does everything right. It’s a Japanese media franchise and is often credited for defining the horror game genre. The upcoming Resident Evil 7 is going back to […]

  • He’s Back And He’s Mad

    Do you remember back in 2014, when a new neo-noir action thriller film made the headlines? It received critical acclaim from fans and critics alike, paving the road for further instalments. For those of you who have forgotten the plot or have never seen the film, do read on. The next paragraph is a short […]

  • Best Friends Are Forever

    Life is one hell of a rollercoaster. You suddenly open your eyes and hear your voice for the first time. You realize you’re alive. Your journey begins with so many adventures to be experienced and even more lessons to be learned. Walking, eating, talking and all our other basic needs are taught to us by […]

  • An Upgraded Life Experience

    Hacking is slowly becoming a very talked about concern. In a world of digital technology surrounding our daily lives it’s not hard to understand why. Privacy issues often play a leading role in the hacking scandals. Just not too long ago the iCloud accounts of quite a few Hollywood stars were hacked, exposing dozens of […]

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