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  • One Man Is Destined To Save Humanity

    There’s probably hundreds of theories about the end of the world as we know it. Some are far-fetched while others are more plausible. No matter the theories however, most people seem to agree – humanity is apparently going to self-destruct sooner or later. The Book of Eli tells of such a tale. Around thirty years […]

  • Stories Of The Wild West

    It must have been quite the interesting life back in the Wild West and the frontier states. It looks absurd looking back at these times of turmoil from today’s perspective. The idea of sorting one’s problems in an open duel of life and death is a bit ridiculous. The fact that you could end the […]

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  • Knights Of The Eternal Throne

    A dark silhouette in a long black robe. The face is hidden behind the shadows of the hood. In one hand, a sabre. Not any kind of sabre though. A sabre emitting red light. The other hand is raised and is almost magically holding a heavy body in the air. It’s not touching it. The […]

  • The Ones You Trust Are Always There

    Being a father is no easy task. It is a very rewarding one however. There’s nothing better than the love of a child. What matters is being together though. Caring for each other and making each other happy. It’s not always possible to be together with your child. If you’ve chosen a career in the […]

  • The Strangest Things Around

    Online streaming services have gained huge popularity these past years. The process of internet streaming evolved from torrent sharing websites, to YouTube and finally to subscription based services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Video. More and more people are switching to the subscription based services mentioned above. It’s not hard to understand why. These offer […]

  • New Beginning’s Aren’t Always Easy

    There’s recently been a stall in original and quality film productions in Hollywood. The industry is in a kind of a free fall with production companies clinging on to dear life. The originality in screenplays is slowly becoming a thing of the past. This definitely isn’t a good sign for Hollywood but its decline has […]

  • He Will Revenge His Son

    Leonardi DiCaprio is a name the majority of the human population has heard at one point or another. The American actor of Italian and German descent has starred in Hollywood productions most of his life. He is with doubt very skilled in the art of acting and has produced multiple hit movies. In 2016, he […]

  • Falling In Love With Artificial Intelligence

    We’re surround by technology. It guides our life, helps us accomplish things and can generally be a helping hand in many of life’s situations. We’re so used to it, that a world without it seems impossible. In many ways, it’s helped mankind move forward and advance in different aspects. Voice recognition is one such technology, […]

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